17.486 Japan and East Asian Security

Spring 2008

Satellite photograph focusing on Japan, with parts of East Asia also visible.
This satellite photograph shows Japan and its surroundings. (Image courtesy of NASA.)

Course Description

This subject is designed for graduate students interested in international politics, national security and comparative political economy in East Asia. It examines the political, military, and economic challenges facing Japan, its neighbors, and the international system under conditions of great uncertainty. Topics range from the history of once "new" world orders to theories that inform our understanding of international affairs and foreign policy decision-making, as each is related to Japan. We focus on Japanese bilateral, regional, and global security policies from a range of theoretical perspectives. The semester will culminate in a weekend-long Asia-Pacific Crisis Simulation game in which invited U.S. and foreign experts will participate with the graduate students.
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Prof. Richard Samuels

Course Meeting Times

1 session / week
2 hours / session