For the second major course requirement (60% of grade), students may choose from a take home final exam, a research paper (long paper) or three short review essays covering the individual parts of the course.

Short Essay Assignments

Please be sure to highlight the relevant literature, the arguments and contentions, and the positions taken by scholars addressing these issued. The task is to draw on the assigned materials as much as possible to demonstrate your understanding of the relevant literatures.

  1. What are the theoretical foundations, assumptions, and behavioral implications of 'positive international political economy' as a distinct thrust in the development of the IPE field.

  2. It is often argued that international institutions are increasingly salient in managing and/or facilitating international economic exchanges. Do you agree? If so why? If not, why not. Please comment with reference to specific institution(s) and specific types of economic exchanges.

  3. In what ways do 'demographic dynamics' – within and across states – influence international politics and international economics? What are the major theoretical arguments? What is the empirical evidence? Please note that the terms in quote are used  in the inclusive sense, i.e. covering labor, employment, mobiliity etc. and other relevant population variables.

  4. Please write an essay on the 'role of technological change' in shaping evolving theoretical and policy issues in international political economy. In so doing, begin by clarifying what is meant by 'technological change', and then review ways in which scholars have addressed this issue theoretically and empirically. Specific examples and illustrations are most welcome.

Research Paper Background

The research paper consists of three 'steps':

(i) Choice of topic and definition of problem (to be reviewed and discussed with the Instructor); 
(ii) Literature review and implications (also for discussion);
(iii) Coherent outline of entire paper and argument; and on the basis of these steps the paper is then written.

Students selecting the research paper option are also requested to give brief class presentations at steps (i) and (iii).