8.902 Astrophysics II

Fall 2004

A gravitational mirage of quasar HE0230-2130.
A gravitational mirage. Four separate bluish white images of the quasar HE0230-2130 are seen. The two fuzzy reddish objects are the galaxies that cause the mirage. Image taken with the Baade 6.5-m telescope. (Image courtesy of Professor Scott Burles. Used with permission.)

Course Highlights

This course features a full set of lecture notes and related resources.

Course Description

This is the second course in a two-semester sequence on astrophysics. Topics include galactic dynamics, groups and clusters on galaxies, phenomenological cosmology, Newtonian cosmology, Roberston-Walker models, and galaxy formation.
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Prof. Paul Schechter

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
1 hour / session