8.324 Relativistic Quantum Field Theory II

Fall 2005

A diagram contributing to an odd point function.

Diagram contributing to an odd point function. (Image courtesy of Prof. Amihay Hanany.)

Course Highlights

This course features an extensive reading list and a complete set of assignments.

Course Description

This course is the second course of the quantum field theory trimester sequence beginning with Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I (8.323) and ending with Relativistic Quantum Field Theory III (8.325). It develops in depth some of the topics discussed in 8.323 and introduces some advanced material. Topics include functional path integrals, renormalization and renormalization groups, quantization of nonabelian gauge theories, BRST symmetry, renormalization and symmetry breaking, critical exponents and scalar field theory, and perturbation theory anomalies.
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Prof. Barton Zwiebach

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Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session

One session / week
1 hour / session



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