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L1 Introduction

Nuclear Power Plant Layout

Reactor Startup; Operation While Critical
Background Information on Control Engineering (PDF)#

Nuclear Power Plant Layout (PDF)#

Subcritical Multiplication and Reactor Startup (PDF - 3.2 MB)#
L2 Reactor Operation at Power

Reactor Design Features

Basic Approaches to Process Control
Reactor Operation at Power (PDF - 3.3 MB)#

Design Features of Reactor Control (PDF)#

Approaches to Process Control (PDF)#

Amazon logo Bernard, J. A. "Light Water Reactor Control Systems." In Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Edited by J. G. Webster. New York, NY: Wiley-Interscience, 1999. ISBN: 9780471139461.

———. "Use of a Rule-Based System for Process Control." IEEE Control Systems 8, no. 5 (October 1988): 3-13.
Lab Use of MIT Research Reactor (Instructors: E. Lau and F. Warmsley)
L3 Reactivity Constraint Approach; Period Generated Control Controller System to Aid Diagnostics (PDF)#

Bernard, J. A, A. F. Henry, and D. D. Lanning. "Application of the "Reactivity Constraint Approach" to Automatic Reactor Control." Nuclear Science and Engineering 98 (1988): 87-95. (PDF - 2.4 MB)# (c) J. A. Bernard.

Bernard, J. A., and D. D. Lanning. "Considerations in the Design and Implementation of Control Laws for the Digital Operation of Research Reactors." Nuclear Science and Engineering 110 (1992): 425-444. (PDF - 5.2 MB)# (c) J. A. Bernard.
L4 Light Water Reactor Startup Light-Water Reactor Startup/Shutdown (PDF)#