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Amazon logo Todreas, Neil E., and Mujid S. Kazimi. Nuclear Systems: Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals. Vol. 1. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis Inc., December 1, 1989, 3rd printing. ISBN: 9781560320517.

Textbook Errata

Errata Volume 1 - 3rd Printing (PDF)

Textbook Supplemental Notes

Note L.4 - Introduction to Structural Mechanics (PDF)

Useful References


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Structural Mechanics

Amazon logo Harvey, J. F. Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels. New York, NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1997. ISBN: 9780442232481.

Amazon logo The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels: Asme Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and International Code. Section II and Section III (Subsections NB and NH). Fairfield, NJ: ASME Press, 1998. ISBN: 9780791825181.

1 Course introduction and reactor types Chapter 1, handout
2 Reactor heat generation

Chapter 2 (III)

Chapter 3 (I, II, IV, V, VIII)


Thermal design principles

Conservation equations

Chapter 2 (V, VI)

Chapter 4 (III-B, V-A,B,C)

4 Rankine power cycles Chapter 6 (IV-A, V)
5 Brayton power cycles Chapter 6 (VI, VII)
6 Containment analysis Chapter 7 (II-B)
7 Containment analysis (cont.) Chapter 7 (II-B)
8 Thermal analysis of fuel elements (introduction) Chapter 8 (I, II, III)
9 Thermal analysis of fuel elements (temperature distributions) Chapter 8 (IV, V, VII)
10 Thermal analysis of fuel elements (maximum temperature in the core)

Chapter 8 (VI)

Chapter 13 (IV-B)

Quiz 1 (open book)
All material through Lec #7
11 Single phase thermal-hydraulics (introduction)

Chapter 9 (III, IV-A)

Chapter 10 (I, II-A)

12 Single phase thermal-hydraulics (fluid dynamics) Chapter 9 (IV-B,C, V-C,D,E, VII-A)
13 Single phase thermal-hydraulics (heat transfer) Chapter 10 (II-B,C, V)
14 Single phase thermal-hydraulics (turbulence and loop analysis)

Chapter 9 (V-A,B)

Chapter 10 (III, IV)

15 Two phase flow (basic parameters and models)

Chapter 5 (IV, V)

Chapter 11 (I, II-A,C, III, IV)

16 Two phase flow (pressure drop and instabilities) Chapter 11 (V)
17 Two phase flow (critical flow) Chapter 11 (VI)
18 Two phase heat transfer (pool boiling) Chapter 12 (I, II, III-A)
Quiz 2 (take home)
All material from Lec #8-15
19 Two phase heat transfer (flow boiling) Chapter 12 (III-B, IV, V)
20 Two phase heat transfer (boiling crises and post-boiling-crisis heat transfer) Chapter 12 (VI, VII)
21 Two phase heat transfer (condensation) Incropera & DeWitt (10.6- 10.11)
22 Two phase flow and heat transfer (demonstrations)
23 Structural mechanics (elasticity fundamentals and thin-shell theory) L4 notes
24 Structural mechanics (stress categorization and ASME code) ASME handout

Structural mechanics (creep, fatigue)

Course evaluation

ASME handout
Final - 3 hours Open book
Final exam will cover entire course with specific attention to material of Lec #16-26
ASME handout