MAS.966 / 15.970 Digital Anthropology

Spring 2003

Digital Displays.
The Hall of Heroes, an idea of digital-signal displays visible only to people wearing certain receptive glasses. (Image by Sandy Pentland.)

Course Highlights

This class contains excellent lecture notes and project proposals, highlighting possible future technologies in digital artifacts.

Course Description

Digital Anthropology is a Spring 2003 applied social science and media arts seminar, surveying the blossoming arena of digital-artifact enabled experimental sociology/anthropology. We will emphasize on both (a) Technology Testbeds – systematically deploying research lab prototypes and corporate pre-production products in a sample human organizational population and carefully observing the social consequences, and (b) Sociometrics – using digital artifacts to better observe and measure the complex social reality of interesting human systems.
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Prof. Alex Pentland

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
2 hours / session