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Proposal Specific Writing Issues

Introduction to Information Sources

Thesis Intent Form (PDF)

Thesis Proposal Coversheet (PDF)

Thesis Proposal and Thesis Structure Notes (PDF)

Thesis Proposal Template (PDF)

"Fill in the Blank" Thesis Proposal Outline Exercise (PDF)

Research Assignment (PDF) (Presented courtesy of Tracy Gabridge. Used with permission.)

Information Types Worksheet (PDF) (Presented courtesy of Tracy Gabridge. Used with permission.)

Information Types Handout (PDF) (Presented courtesy of Tracy Gabridge. Used with permission.)


Progress Reports

Follow up on Information Sources

Information Sources "Hands-on" Exercise


Marked Up Proposal Introduction (PDF)


Proposal Workshop

Graphics Show and Tell

About Oral Presentations

Homework and Course Trajectory (PDF)

First Draft Assessment Form (PDF)

Oral Presentation Notes (PDF)


Shorter, Less Formal Presentations

Review of Presentations

Possible Additional Topic(s)

Homework and Course Trajectory (PDF)

Informal Oral Presentation Assessment Form (PDF)

5 Workshop II

Homework and Course Trajectory (PDF)

Reviewer Checklist Form (PDF)


Longer, More Formal Presentations

Subject Evaluation Forms

Formal Oral Presentation Assessment form (PDF)

Other Assorted Handouts

Advisor Meeting Agenda (PDF)

End of Term Questions, Part 1 (PDF)

End of Term Questions, Part 2 (PDF)

Proposal Checklist (PDF)

Helpful Resources for Thesis Writing

The MIT Libraries' Guide to Thesis Preparation

The 2.671 Journal Article Guidelines, by Barbara Hughey

Assorted Links and Readings

"The Science of Scientific Writing" (The "Prerequisite" to 2.ThA) (PDF)#

Perelman, Leslie C., James Paradis, and Edward Barrett. The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing. Mountain View, CA: Mayfield, 1998. ISBN: 1559346477.

Michael Alley. The Craft of Scientific Presentations. (A handy reference for Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide ideas.)