Proposal Specific Writing Issues

Introduction to Information Sources

Do this Before Ses #2

Find a thesis advisor; read his/her published work; let your thesis advisor know the timeline for your proposal work.

Fill out a thesis intent form and turn it in to the mechanical engineering undergraduate office. (If you have not done so already.)

Get a thesis notebook.

Scope the 2.ThA archives for similar projects; surf the web for similar masters/PhD proposals; use these sources to determine what sorts of background information you will need for your thesis; jot down these information requirements in a format that is legible to others. (In your notebook would be fine.)

Fill out the "MadLib" thesis proposal outline.

Complete the research assignment; see handout.


Progress Reports

Follow up on Information Sources

Information Sources "Hands-on" Exercise


Do this Before Ses #3

Prepare a significant draft of your thesis proposal for scrutiny in class. Emphasize the introduction and background sections.

Prepare the graphics that will become your presentation slides.


Proposal Workshop

Graphics Show and Tell

About Oral Presentations

Do this Two Full Days Before Ses #4

Based on the feedback in class, revise your proposal draft; turn the draft in via e-mail to the instructor.

Do this Before Ses #4

Prepare to deliver a 5 minute overview of your thesis project. Emphasize problem, motivation, context, and structure. Let the audience know what it is that they are supposed to get out of the talk.


Shorter, Less Formal Presentations

Review of Presentations

Possible Additional Topic(s)

Do this Before Ses #5

Further revise your proposal based on the instructor's feedback for workshop in class and formal peer review.

Prepare the slides for your longer, more formal presentation.

5 Workshop II

Do this One Day Before Ses #6

Peer review two of your classmate's proposals.

Do this Before Ses #6 and #7

Prepare to deliver your longer, more formal presentation.

Do this Before Ses #7

Further revise your proposal; this draft should be nearly perfect.


Longer, More Formal Presentations

Subject Evaluation Forms

Do this Before the End of Registration Day

Turn in your signed thesis proposal cover sheet and your thesis proposal (hardcopy and e-copy) to the instructor.