Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .exe, .h, .cml, .psl, .ssl, .pcb, .sch, .ept, and .zip.

This page contains handouts covering each of the lab sessions, and example code and documentation for some of the lab activities listed by topic.

Lab Handouts

Lab Project Description (PDF)

Labs 1 and 2 handout (PDF)

Lab 3 handout (PDF)

Labs 4, 5, and 6 handout (PDF)

Example Code and Supporting Files

PCB Artist v1.1 is required to view some files, and can be downloaded here .

PCB library files for standard components used in class (CML) (PSL) (SSL)

Labs 1-3 design files (PCB) (SCH)

Code for CRC (H)

MSP430 Bootloader description (PDF)

Wootloader software and file (EXE) (EPT)

Lab 6: USB VB Terminal software (EXE)

Lab 6: USB VB Communicator with Hex output — exe file and source code (ZIP)

Lab 6: USB VB Communicator Visual Basic® source code (ZIP)