Lecture Notes

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1 Introduction (PDF)

Fabritek Case (PDF)
2 National Cranberry Cooperative Case (PDF) NCC Questions (PDF)
3 Probability (PDF) Note on Covariance of Independent RVs (PDF)
4 Probability (cont.) (PDF)
5 Stochastic Processes and Queueing (PDF)
6 Networks of Queues (PDF)
7 Inventory (PDF)
8 Inventory (cont.) (PDF) Inventory Inaccuracy (PDF)

Note: This is the paper I summarized during Lecture 8. Read it if (and only if!) you are interested in it. It is not a course requirement. I would be happy to discuss it with anyone, so contact me about it if you have a comment or question.
9 Statistics (PDF)
10 Regression (PDF) Regression Spreadsheet (XLS)

Time Serial Spreadsheet (XLS)
11 Forecasting (PDF)
12 Optimization (PDF)
13 Optimization (cont.) (PDF)
14 Manufacturing System Overview (PDF)

Simulation and Tutorial
Midterm Exam
15 Introduction to Simulation (PDF) Distribution Modeling and Simulation Module Outline (PDF)
16 Monte-Carlo Simulation (PDF) Spreadsheet 1 (XLS)

Spreadsheet 2 (XLS)

Spreadsheet 3 (XLS)
17 Discrete Event Simulation (PDF)
18 Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiments (PDF) Confidence Interval Solution (XLS -2.2 MB)
19 Single-Part-Type, Multiple-Stage Systems (PDF -1.2 MB)
20 Single-Part-Type, Multiple-Stage Systems (cont.) (PDF -1.2 MB)
21 Single-Stage, Multiple-Type Systems (PDF)
22 Material Requirement Planning (PDF)
23 Toyota Production System (PDF)
24 Multi-Stage Control and Scheduling (PDF -1.0 MB)
25 "The Goal" (PDF)
Final Exam