Project Goals

The team project is a central experience in this course, in which students apply electro-mechanical design principles for a variety of machine elements. Teams of 3 to 5 people will work on a project of their choice (from a list of suggested topics), and be limited to a $500 budget. The project requirements include:

  • Significant, Challenging Objectives
  • Analysis to Support Design Decisions
  • Working Hardware
  • Measurements
  • Thorough Documentation
  • Final Written Report

Some Project Ideas

The following project ideas were introduced in the slides for Lecture 1 (PDF)

  • Phase Change Incubator
  • Vector Prehensor
  • Peanut Press
  • Children's Television Show on Product Design and Engineering
  • Pedal Powered Cement Mixer
  • SAE Shocks
  • Foldable Walker
  • Tie-in to Ocean Capstone

List of Students' Projects

Students chose the following projects to work on during the term:

  • A peanut butter maker that can be powered by hand and made with locally available components for a women's cooperative in Haiti
  • A desk that automatically adjusts in height according to user identity (as given by radio frequency tags) for a school with children using wheelchairs
  • A desktop multi-tool
  • A walker that adjusts in width quickly while maintaining stability