DF = Prof. Daniel Frey
AS = Ms. Amy Smith

The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L) and lab (Lab) sessions.

Ses # Topics Instructors Key Dates
L1 Course Introduction - Project Ideas DF Project ideas presented
L2 Gears - Basics, Terminology, Involute Curve DF Homework 1 out
Lab 1 Lab: Student Initiated Project Ideas Project preferences due
L3 Gears - Force Transmission, Gear Trains DF Project teams announced
L4 Gears - Stress Analysis, Life, Reliability, Selection DF Homework 2 out

Homework 1 due
Lab 2 Lab: Gears
L5 Mechanisms (2D Kinematic Analysis) DF Homework 3 out

Homework 2 due
Lab 3 Lab: 2D Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms
L6 Mechanisms (Synthesis of 4 Bar Mechanisms) DF
L7 Mechanisms Field Trip to MIT Museum Homework 4 out

Homework 3 due
Lab 4 Lab: Mechanism Synthesis
L8 Mechanisms (Forces in 2D Mechanisms) DF
L9 Mechanisms (3D Mechanisms) DF Homework 5 out

Homework 4 due
Lab 5 Lab: Mechanisms - Force Analysis and Design
L10 Journal Bearings DF
L11 Rolling Element Bearings AS Homework 6 out

Homework 5 due
Lab 6 Lab: Bearings (Lawnmower Engine)
Exam 1
L12 Belts DF
Lab 7 Project Work Only
L13 Cams DF
Lab 8 Mid-term Project Presentations (Oral) Homework 7 out

Homework 6 due
L14 Bolted Joints DF
L15 Fasteners AS Homework 8 out

Homework 7 due
Lab 9 Lab: Cams, Clutches, Fasteners, etc.
L16 Optics Modeling; Calibration; Machine Error Propagation Guest Lecturer Homework 8 due
Lab 10 Lab: Metrology Modeling and Calibration
L17 Batteries DF
L18 Electric Motors DF
Lab 11 Lab: Electric Motors and Batteries
L19 Actuators DF
L20 Hydraulics AS
Lab 12 Lab: Hydraulics (Front Loader)
L21 Microcontrollers DF
L22 Sensors DF
Exam 2
L23 Final Project Clinic
L24 Course Summary / Feedback Project final written report due