Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .zip and .xmcd.

Assignments Supporting Files
Homework 1 - Gears (PDF)
Homework 2 - Gears (PDF)
Homework 3 - Kinematic Analysis and Synthesis (PDF)
Homework 4 - Mechanisms: Analysis, Synthesis, Forces (PDF) Mathcad® Files (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: hw4_soln_1.xmcd and hw4_soln_2.xmcd.)
Homework 5 - 3D Analysis of Forces (PDF)
Homework 6 - 3D Mechanism Synthesis, Journal Bearings, and Rolling Element Bearings (PDF)
Homework 7 - Design and Manufacturing (PDF) Data File (TXT)
Homework 8 - Bolted Joints (PDF)