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Amazon logo Gillmer, T. C., and B. Johnson. Introduction to Naval Architecture. Annapolis, MD: U. S. Naval Institute Press, 1982. Third printing, 1982. ISBN: 9780870213182.

L1 Introduction - Engineering Fundamentals Chapters 1 and 2, Appendix B
L2 Ship Geometry and Hydrostatics Chapter 3
L3 Ship Geometry and Hydrostatics (cont.)
R1 Project 1 - Hydrostatics
L4 Ship Hydrostatics/Initial Stability Chapter 6
L5 Ship Hydrostatics/Initial Stability (cont.)
R2 Hydrostatic Analysis
L6 Longitudinal Stability and Trim Chapter 7
L7 Longitudinal Stability and Trim (cont.)
L8 General Stability at Large Angles Chapter 8
L9 General Stability at Large Angles (cont.)
R3 Posse

Project 2 - Intact Stability
L10 Damaged Stability Chapter 10
L11 Damaged Stability (cont.)
L12 Review Material from Chapters 1-3, 6-8

Quiz 1 Review

L13 Quiz 1
L14 Introduction to Shipbuilding Material Properties Chapter 4
L15 Ship Structures Chapter 5
L16 Ship Structures (cont.)
L17 Ship Structures (cont.)
L18 Ship Resistance and Powering Discuss Towing Tank Experiment

Project 3 - Ship Resistance Experiment
Chapter 11
L19 Ship Motions in a Seaway

Project 4 - Advanced Hull Forms
Chapter 13
L20 Submarine Hydrostatics Chapter 9
L21 Submarine Stability and Hull Form Chapter 12-5
L22 Propulsors and Advanced
Hull Forms

Review Material for Quiz 2
Chapter 12-1 through 12-4
L23 Quiz 2
L24 Robotics and Biomimetics
L25 Course Wrap Up