This course focused on evaluating students primarily based on their group projects. This page contains problems statements for the 4 homework assignments, a sample group presentation, and a selection of student projects. All materials are used with permission of the authors.

Homework #1: First Calculation of Theoretical Efficiency Limit as a Function of Bandgap (PDF)
Homework #2: Identifying Goals, Timeline, and Technologies for the Class Project (PDF)
Homework #3-4: Project Goals and Presentation Outlines (PDF)

Group Projects Handout (PDF)
Sample Group Presentation (PDF)

Group 1: Redesigning the Grid for Renewable Energy
Paper (PDF), Presentation (PDF)

Group 2: An Assessment of Photovoltaic Energy to Meet Personal Transportation Demand
Paper (PDF - 1.4 MB), Presentation (PDF - 1.0 MB)