Lecture Notes

These materials are used to provide an organizing framework, and data, for the lectures.

1 Overview

Basics of Engine Operation
2 Engine Geometry

Performance Parameters
3 Engine Disassembly

In Lab
4 Ideal Cycle Analysis

Combustion Stoichiometry
(PDF 1)

(PDF 2)

(PDF 3)
5 Fuel-air Cycle Model

Fuel-air Cycle Results
6 Gas Exchange: 4-Stroke

Gas Exchange: 2-Stroke
7 Spark-ignition Engine Combustion

Flame Propagation and Structure
8 Recitation
9 Knock (PDF)
10 SI Engine Emissions (PDF)
11 Emission Control Technology

12 Quiz (Duration: 1-1/2 hours) Open Book
13 Mixture Preparation

Engine Friction
14 Engine Heat Transfer

2-Stroke SIE Performance
15 4-Stroke SIE Performance (PDF)
16 Variable Valve Control

Gasoline DI Engines
17 Diesel Overview

Diesel Combustion
(PDF 1)

(PDF 2)

(PDF 3)
18 Diesel Emissions

Emission Control
19 Turbocharging

Diesel Performance
20 1-hour Lab Preparation
21 2-hour Lab Session
22 Engine Noise

Engine Dynamics
23 Future Engine Technology

(PDF 1)

(PDF 2)
24 Final Exam (Duration: 3 hours) Open Book