The project theme should be related to micro and nanotechnology and to the content of this course. It can be related to your research (and I encourage it). However, you should not just turn in a paper you wrote. Instead, you can expand on your past work, based on the knowledge you gained through this course, to deal with new problems that you think should be addressed. You can identify one topic discussed in this course, do a survey of what people have done, and discuss unsolved problems and how you would solve these problems. Hopefully, in the process, you will find what you learned is useful.

Report Format

The report should be type-written, and the total length (all inclusive, including figures and references) is limited to 15 pages. The report should follow the style of a typical scientific paper, but can spend more pages on literature survey. I suggest that the report includes the following items (you can divide into more subsections.)

  • Title

  • Author and Affiliation

  • Abstract

  • Introduction
    This is the section you give motivations and literature survey, but you can include literature survey as another section if your project relies heavily on literature review.

  • Modeling, Results, Discussions, and Future Work
    I do not expect you to solve the problem completely, but do as much as you can and point out how to continue in the future.

  • Summary or Conclusions

  • References


Activities percentages
Scientific Contents 75%
Presentation (Writing, Grammar, Figures, etc.) 25%

Student Papers

Unusual Photon Tunneling Caused by Negative Refraction. (PDF) (Courtesy of Qing Hao. Used with permission.)

Modeling Transport Mechanism in Nanofluids. (PDF) (Courtesy of Jacob Eapen. Used with permission.)

Modeling a MEMS Thermal Conductivity Pressure Sensor for the Evaluation of Glass Frit Vacuum Packaging. (PDF) (Courtesy of Kerry Cheung. Used with permission.)