Subject Summary

This course introduces students to MATLAB®. Numerical methods include number representation and errors, interpolation, differentiation, integration, systems of linear equations, and Fourier interpolation and transforms. Students will study partial and ordinary differential equations as well as elliptic and parabolic differential equations, and solutions by numerical integration, finite difference methods, finite element methods, boundary element methods, and panel methods.

Homework Assignments

There are four homework assignments, and students are required to turn in or present a simple code for practice problems in 2nd MATLAB® workshop during workshop time limit. Homework assignments are due two weeks after they are provided (according to the calendar). To receive credit, you must hand in your solutions on the due date, either at the class or before 4 p.m. to course secretary. No late homework will be accepted without prior permission.

Solutions to the assignments are also available. There may be exceptions to this pattern because of tests, institute holidays, and so on. Graded homework will be available in class or later will be left to course secretary approximately one week after the problem set is handed in.

Note 1

We encourage students to work with each other on the homework assignments, but we do not condone copying. Make your own honest collaborative efforts to contribute to the solution (by asking questions, offering suggestions, etc.) and, based on your own understanding, write up the answers in your own words and style. If you worked closely with other students on a given homework assignment and feel that your understanding was substantially influenced by the mutual learning process, you should formally cite the names of those students with whom you worked.

Note 2

While most homeworks needs a considerable amount of coding we do not want you to attach or print your codes. However, you must be ready to present the TA with a clear and operational code, if he asks for that.

Note 3

MATLAB® is selected as course basic coding software. You are granted to use other software with prior approval but no supports will be provided from course staff and you will probably have tougher time. Please note that while MATLAB® might not be the fastest option for "Run Time" but it helps you to concentrate on the algorithms themselves rather than wasting your valuable time (for "Coding") on basic and elementary steps.


There will be two (2) quizzes during the term. These will be closed-book. Students will prepare up to two (2) letter-size pages (2 sheets; 4 sides) of self-prepared, handwritten notes for use during each Quiz. Excused absences from taking quizzes at the scheduled times must be requested in advance of the quiz from Professor Schmidt. Such requests will be granted only for verifiable and significant reasons.


Tutorial sessions will be conducted in the evening, one to two days before each quiz. Precise times and locations will be announced approximately one week in advance.

MATLAB® Workshop

A two session MATLAB® workshop will be presented in the first two Wednesdays by TA: One day after Ses #1 and one day after Ses #3.


The final course grade will be weighted as follows:

Homework (4 + workshop assignments) 50 %
Quizzes (2) 50 %