This calender is only a broad outline of the schedule for the course. Topics are covered in the order shown below, but the schedule is deliberately dynamic so that more, or less, time may be devoted to a particular topic as needed by the students.

1 Review of Flow and Transport Equations, with Particular Emphasis on the Energy Equation and the Role of Viscous Dissipation
2 Instability and Transition
3 Fundamental Concepts in Turbulence, Approaches to Closure, and
Turbulence Modeling
4 Jets, Wakes, etc. Modeled via Simple Closure Schemes. Scalar Transport in Free Flows (Temperature, Concentration)
5 Buoyant Plumes, Transient Thermals, etc.
6 Turbulent Flow over Walls: General Near-Wall Scaling Laws; Flows in Pipes, Channels, etc.
7 Boundary Layers
8 Transient Dispersion in Laminar and Turbulent Shear Flows (Taylor Dispersion)
9 Turbulence Models and Their Application
10 Additional Topics