1 Mass Conservation, Euler's Equation

Sound Speed, Mach Number
2 Thermo

Ideal Gases

Steady Isentropic Flow, Stagnation State
Problem set 1 out (7 days after session 2)
3 Variable Area Flow, Choked Flow, Subsonic and Supersonic Nozzles, Restrictors
4 Energy Equation

Entropy Equation

Flow with Fricton, Fanno Line
Problem set 1 due
5 Flow with Heat Addition, Rayleigh Line

Shock Waves: Conservation Relations
6 Hugoniot Relation, Normal Shocks, Moving Shocks, Weak and Strong Shocks Problem set 2 out
7 Oblique Shocks

Problem set 2 due
8 Continuum Shock Wave Structure

Condensation Discontinuities

Unsteady 1D Flows: Finite Amplitude Waves, Characteristics, Riemann Invariants
9 Piston Problems, Boundary Interactions, Shock Tubes Problem set 3 out
10 Steady 2D Supersonic Flows: Mach Waves, Prandtl-Meyer Function, Expansion Fans Problem set 3 due
11-12 Term Paper Presentations Final project due