Related Resources

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This page contains related resources for particular topics covered in class, as well as more general video and written resources.

Topic-Related Resources

The following resources relate to particular topics covered in class.

2. Static Fluids Liquid Mirrors - A useful application of rigid body rotation (large mercury liquid mirror technology).

Microgravity Media Clips - From the NCSER K-12 Educational Program, with links to nice NASA movies of liquids in free fall (rigid body acceleration).
4. Inviscid Flow Astarita, G., and M. E. Mackay. "The generalized engineering Bernoulli equation (GEBE) and the first and second laws of thermodynamics for viscoelastic fluids." J Rheol 403 (May/June 1996): 335-346.
A recent research article discussing the full form of the Bernoulli equation and its connection to dissipation, 'stress-power' and the first/second laws of thermodynamics.

Dornheim, M. A. "Flying In Space For Low Cost." Aviation Week and Space Technology (April 20, 2003).

Virgin Galactic - Links to Virgin Galactic video and information on SpaceshipOne, from Bert Rutan's company Scaled Composites.
5. Control Volume Theorems Centrifugal Turbine (PDF - 1.8 MB)# - These notes outline a complicated example involving conservation of linear and angular momentum; the centrifugal turbine.
10. Potential Flow, Lift, Drag and Thrust Dragonfly Flight - Prof. Jane Wang's site on dragonfly flight and the role of vorticity shedding in fluttering and tumbling.
11. Surface Tension and its Importance Thoroddsen, S. T., and K. Takehara. "The coalescence cascade of a drop." Phys Fluids 12, no. 6 (June 2000): 1265-1267.

Woodward, I. "Tall Storeys" Nature 428 (April 22, 2004): 807-808.
A paper on the fundamental limitations on tree height as a consequence of capillary phenomena in the xylem.

Complex Fluids and Interfacial Physics - Bouncing droplets Web site by Prof. Kavehpour (UCLA), including an MPEG movie of the "bouncelet" droplet cascade.

Gobbling droplets - A movie of the "gobbling droplet" phenomenon shown in class and considered in Quiz 2. It shows how complicated the effects of surface curvature can be on the evolution of a fluid thread.

Fluid Mechanics Videos

The National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF) produced a large number of very instructive fluid mechanics movies in the 1960s. This organization was set up by Prof. Ascher Shapiro of MIT and received funding from the NSF.

2.25 list of "Must See" Videos (PDF)
The most important NCFMF movies to watch as you review class material.

Other Fluid Mechanics Resources

Various Fluid Mechanics materials are collected in the MIT iCampus i-Fluids Web site.