This section contains documents created from scanned original files, which are inaccessible to screen reader software. A "#" symbol is used to denote such documents.

This table presents readings associated with particular lecture sessions, along with slides prepared for lectures 1, 6, and 20.

Lec # Topics Readings
1 Introduction to Course

Review of Dynamical Systems
Lecture Slides (PDF - 2.6 MB)
I. Tools for Seakeeping Analysis
2 Dynamical Systems and Ship Motions

Review of Complex Numbers
Introduction to Linear Time Invariant Systems (PDF)
3 Tools for Analyzing Ship Motions: Introduction to Linear Systems, Fourier Transforms Fourier Transforms (PDF)
4 Tools for Analyzing Ship Motions: Fourier Transforms and Transfer Functions
5 System Characterization: Transfer Functions and Impulse Response Probability Review (PDF)
6 Characterization of Random Environments: Waves and Wave Spectra Lecture Slides (PDF - 2.4 MB)
7 Random Variables Random Variables (PDF)
8 Random Processes Random Processes (PDF)
9 Statistics of Random Sea Waves Spectra of Random Processes (PDF)

Gaussian and Poisson Distributions (PDF)
10 Long Term Wave Statistics Wave Spectra and Short/Long Term Statistics (PDF)
11 Exam 1: In-class
II. Wave and Current Forces on Bodies
12 Designing for Extreme Events: 100 Year Waves
13 Fluid Forces on Bodies: Viscous and Inertial Forces
14 Wave Forces on Floating Bodies Hydrodynamic Wave Forces on Floating Bodies (PDF)
15 Equations of Motion of Floating Vessels under Wave Forcing Froude Krylov Forces (PDF)

Coupled Heave-Pitch (PDF)
16 Froude Krylov Forces

Heave and Surge Motions
III. Seakeeping Analysis
17 Forward Speed Effects and Model Testing
18 Seakeeping Analysis

Natural Frequency/Natural Periods
Seakeeping Roll and Pitch (PDF)#

Morrison's Equation (PDF)
19 Ship Motion in Roll, Roll Damping Roll Damping (PDF)#
20 Vortex Induced Vibrations I: Viscous Forces Lecture Slides (PDF)
21 Vortex Induced Vibrations II: Considerations for Offshore Platform Design
22 Second Order Forces

Wave Drift
23 Exam 2: In-class
24 Free Surface Impact Problem Applied to Ship Slamming
25 Class Presentations
26 Class Presentations (cont.)