Lec # Topics Key Dates
1 Introduction to Course

Review of Dynamical Systems
I. Tools for Seakeeping Analysis
2 Dynamical Systems and Ship Motions

Review of Complex Numbers
3 Tools for Analyzing Ship Motions: Introduction to Linear Systems, Fourier Transforms
4 Tools for Analyzing Ship Motions: Fourier Transforms and Transfer Functions Homework 1 due
5 System Characterization: Transfer Functions and Impulse Response
6 Characterization of Random Environments: Waves and Wave Spectra Homework 2 due
7 Random Variables Homework 3 due
8 Random Processes
9 Statistics of Random Sea Waves Homework 4 due
10 Long Term Wave Statistics Homework 5 due
11 Exam 1: In-class
II. Wave and Current Forces on Bodies
12 Designing for Extreme Events: 100 Year Waves
13 Fluid Forces on Bodies: Viscous and Inertial Forces
14 Wave Forces on Floating Bodies
15 Equations of Motion of Floating Vessels under Wave Forcing Homework 6 due

Lab Start
16 Froude Krylov Forces

Heave and Surge Motions
III. Seakeeping Analysis
17 Forward Speed Effects and Model Testing Homework 7 due
18 Seakeeping Analysis

Natural Frequency/Natural Periods
19 Ship Motion in Roll, Roll Damping Lab due
20 Vortex Induced Vibrations I: Viscous Forces Homework 8 due
21 Vortex Induced Vibrations II: Considerations for Offshore Platform Design
22 Second Order Forces

Wave Drift
Homework 9 due
23 Exam 2: In-class
24 Free Surface Impact Problem Applied to Ship Slamming
25 Class Presentations Final project due
26 Class Presentations (cont.)