The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L) and recitation (R) sessions.

L1 Introduction

Fluids vs. Solids

Liquids vs. Gases
Problem set 1 out
Basic Equations
L2 Description of a Flow

Flow Visualization - Flow Lines

Concept and Consequences of Continuous Flow

Material/Substantial/Total Time Derivative

Langrangian and Eulerian Time Derivative
Problem set 1 due

Problem set 2A out
R1 Basic Tools - Calculus Review
L3 Stress Tensor

Mass and Momentum Conservation
Problem set 2B out
L4 Newtonian Fluids

Navier-Stokes Equations

Boundary Conditions

Surface Tension

Body Forces - Gravity
Problem sets 2A and 2B due

Problem set 3A out
R2 Control Volume
L5 Dimensional Analysis Problem set 3B out
L6 Similarity Parameters

Using Governing Equations and Boundary Conditions

Using Physical Arguments

Problem sets 3A and 3B due

Problem set 4A out
R3 Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
Ideal Fluid Flow
L7 Governing Equations and Boundary Conditions

Circulation - Kelvin's Theorem

Problem set 4B out
L8 Properties of Vortex Structures

Bernoulli Equation for Steady, Ideal, and Rotational Flow
Problem sets 4A and 4B due

Problem set 5A out
R4 Ideal Flow Challenge problem 1 out
L9 Vorticity Equation

Potential Flow
Problem set 5B out
R5 Quiz 1 Review and P-Flow Problem sets 5A and 5B due
Quiz 1 Challenge problem 1 due

Problem set 6 out
L10 Governing Equations and Boundary Conditions for P-Flow

Linear Superposition for P-Flow

Laplace Equation

Simple Potential Flows
Problem set 6 due

Problem set 7A out

P-Flow tutorial out
L11 Method of Images

D'Alembert's Paradox

Lift Due to Circulation
Problem set 7B out

P-Flow homework 1 out
L12 Lifting Surfaces

Potential Flow and Kutta Condition

Thin Wing, Small Angle of Attack
Problem sets 7A and 7B due

P-Flow homework 1 due

Problem set 8A out
R6 P-Flow Summary and Added Mass
L13 Unsteady Motion - Added Mass

General 6 Degrees of Freedom Motions
Problem set 8B out
L14 Properties of Added-Mass Coefficients

Slender Body Approximation

Buoyancy Effects Due to Accelerating Flow
Problem sets 8A and 8B due

Problem set 9A out
R7 Added Mass Tensor
Real Fluid Effects
L15 Form Drag Problem set 9B out
L16 Drag on a Very Streamlined Body

Known Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations

Boundary Layer Growth Over an Infinite Flat Plate for Unsteady Flow
Problem sets 9A and 9B due

Problem set 10A out
R8 Quiz 2 Review and Boundary Layers
Quiz 2 Problem set 10B out
L17 Laminar Boundary Layers

Steady Flow over a Flat Plate

Flow Over a Body of General Geometry
Problem set 10A due

Problem set 11A out
R9 Laminar Boundary Layers and Model Testing Problem set 10B due
L18 Turbulent Flow - Reynolds Stress

Turbulent Boundary Layer Over a Smooth Flat Plate
Problem set 11B out
L19 Turbulent Boundary Layers: Roughness Effects

Model Testing
Problem set 11A due

Problem set 12 out
Water Waves
R10 Forces on Cylinder, Labs, and Linear Water Waves Problem set 11B due
L20 Exact (Nonlinear) Governing Equations for Surface Gravity Waves

Linearized (Airy) Wave Theory

Characteristics of Linear Plane Progressive Waves
Problem set 12 due

Problem set 13A out
R11 Dispersion Relation
L21 Superposition of Linear Plane Progressive Waves

Wave Energy

Energy Propagation - Group Velocity

Energy Conservation Equation

Steady Ship Waves, Wave Resistance
Problem set 13B out
L22 Wave Forces on a Body Problem sets 13A and 13B due

Challenge problems 2 and 3 out
R12 Problem Solving for Lifting Surfaces Challenge problems 2 and 3 due

Problem set 14A (optional)
Final Exam