Study Materials

Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .m.

The following handouts cover a variety of topics in greater depth, including MATLAB examples where appropriate. The MATLAB scripts are also listed separately after each handout.

Sinusoidal frequency response of linear systems (PDF)
Data resampling: interpolation (up-sampling) and decimation (down-sampling) (PDF)

xinterp.m (M)
dftupsample.m (M)

The Dirac delta and unit-step functions (PDF)
Convolution (PDF)
Introduction to frequency domain processing (PDF)
The Laplace transform (PDF)
Determining a system's causality from its frequency response (PDF)
Introduction to operational amplifiers (PDF)
Introduction to continuous time filter design (PDF)
lpbutter.m (M)
lpcheby1.m (M)
lpcheby2.m (M)
Op-amp implementation of analog filters (PDF)
Sampling and the discrete Fourier transform (PDF)
The fast Fourier transform (PDF) fftx.m (M)
ifftx.m (M)
Parallel derivations of the z and Laplace transforms (PDF)
Frequency-sampling FIR filters (PDF) firfs.m (M)
Direct form digital filter structures (PDF) firdf.m (M)
iirdf1.m (M)
iirdf2.m (M)
firtdf.m (M)
iirtdf2.m (M)
Introduction to two-dimensional/image processing (PDF - 1.5 MB)
MATLAB examples of least-squares FIR filter design (PDF) LSQFilt.m (M)
Introduction to least-squares adaptive filters (PDF) LSadapt.m (M)
Introduction to recursive-least-squares (RLS) adaptive filters (PDF) RLSFilt.m (M)