1 Introduction; Classification of Geometric Modeling Forms
2 Differential Geometry of Curves Problem Set 1 Out (PDF)
3 Differential Geometry of Surfaces (Demo)
4 Introduction to Spline Curves
5 Introduction to Spline Curves Problem Set 2 Out (PDF)
6 B-splines (Uniform and Non-uniform) Problem Set 1 Due
7 Non-Uniform B-splines, Spline Surfaces
8 Non-Uniform Rational B-spline Curves and Surfaces (Demo) (Demo Program)
9 Physically-Based Deformable Surfaces (Demo)
10 Fairing; Generalized Cylinders
11 Blending Surfaces
12 Intersections Problem Set 2 Due
Problem Set 3 Out (PDF)
13 Surface Intersections; Nonlinear Solvers
14 Interval Methods, Robustness
15 Offset Curves and Surfaces Problem Set 4 Out (PDF)
16 B-rep and CSG Problem Set 3 Due
17 B-rep and Non-Manifold Mixed Dimension Models
18 Computer Graphics Techniques Problem Set 5 Out (PDF)
19 Reverse Engineering, Reconstructing the Past
20 Mechanical Tolerances Problem Set 4 Due
21 Decomposition Models; Integral Properties of Solids
22 Advanced Topics in Differential Geometry (Geodesics, Developable Surfaces, Umbilics, Parabolic Line, Ridge Line, Sub-Parabolic Line)
23 Localization, Inspection and Model Matching
24 Discrete Differential Geometry Problem Set 5 Due
25 F. E. and B. E. Meshing Algorithms (Demo)
26 Machining Automation (Guest Lecturer) (Demo)