Term Project

Each student has to select one project.
The objective of the project is to obtain some hands-on experience in the use of finite element methods, either

  • by analyzing a problem using the ADINA System, or 
  • by implementing finite element procedures in a computer program.

The following projects are suggested:

  1. Static and dynamic analyses of a specimen with a hole. Testing of various 2D elements and meshes. Use ADINA.
  2. Dynamic analysis of a simple model of a high-rise building. Testing of the solution schemes. Use ADINA.
  3. It is recommended that you look through the ADINA AUI Users Guide (Report ARD 98-1) and ADINA User Interface Primer (Report ARD 98-6) to see whether you will find a problem of your interest.
  4. You can also work on a problem relating to your research, but the problem solution must be tractable within the time constraints of the course. Use ADINA.


  • For projects using ADINA, you can use the program at one of the locations where the program is installed. 
  • The program STAP is given in Chapter 12 of the textbook.