2.068 Computational Ocean Acoustics (13.853)

Spring 2003

Contours of acoustic pressure produced by a Gaussian beam.
Contours of acoustic pressure produced by a Gaussian beam. (Image courtesy of Henrik Schmidt.)

Course Highlights

This course includes lecture notes and problem sets.

Course Description

This course examines wave equations for fluid and visco-elastic media, wave-theory formulations of acoustic source radiation and seismo-acoustic propagation in stratified ocean waveguides, and Wavenumber Integration and Normal Mode methods for propagation in plane-stratified media. Also covered are Seismo-Acoustic modeling of seabeds and ice covers, seismic interface and surface waves in a stratified seabed, Parabolic Equation and Coupled Mode approaches to propagation in range-dependent ocean waveguides, numerical modeling of target scattering and reverberation clutter in ocean waveguides, and ocean ambient noise modeling. Students develop propagation models using all the numerical approaches relevant to state-of-the-art acoustic research.

This course was originally offered in Course 13 (Department of Ocean Engineering) as 13.853. In 2005, ocean engineering subjects became part of Course 2 (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and this course was renumbered 2.068.   

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Prof. Henrik Schmidt

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session