1 Introduction
2 The Acoustic Wave Equation, Integral Transforms, The Helmholtz Equation PS1 Out
3 Sources in Unbounded and Bounded Media, Green's Functions, Green's Theorem
4 Reflection and Transmission, Integral Transform Solution, Source in Half-spaces
5 Ideal Waveguides, The Pekeris Waveguide
6 Wavenumber Integration: Layer Solutions and Interface Conditions PS1 Due
PS2 Out
7 Wavenumber Integration: Global Matrix Solution
8 Wavenumber Integration: Propagator Matrix and Invariant Embedding Solution
9 Wavenumber Integration: Numerical Evaluation of Wavenumber Integral, Aliasing and Wrap-around
10 Wavenumber Integration: Numerical Methods Used in Wavenumber Integration PS2 Due
PS3 Out
11 Normal Modes: Mathematical Derivation, Model Expansion of the Green's Function
12 Normal Modes: Isovelocity Problem, Generalized Derivation
13 Normal Modes: Munk Profile, Numerical Approaches PS3 Due
PS4 Out
14 Normal Modes: Numerical Approaches (contd.)
15 Normal Modes: Numerical Procedures
16 Normal Modes: Range-dependent Environment, Coupled Modes
17 Normal Modes: 3-D Environment PS4 Due
PS5 Out
18 Parabolic Equation: Derivation of Parabolic Equations
19 Parabolic Equation: Starting Fields
20 Parabolic Equation: Energy Conservation Problem, Solutions by FDs FEs PS5 Due
PS6 Out
21 Doppler Shift in Waveguide
22 Time Series Simulation, Signal and Noise
PS6 Due