Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .zip, .m, .asc, and .xls.

Lab 1: Impact and Added Mass (PDF)
Lab 2: Free Surface Water Waves (PDF) (ZIP - 2.1 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 12 .asc, 1 .xls files.)
Lab 3: Ship Resistance Testing (ZIP - 2.4 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 2 .m, 1 .pdf files.) (ZIP - 1.9 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 11 .asc, 2 .m, and 1 .txt files.)

At the conclusion of each lab, you will write a report that explains the design of your experiment, presents an analysis of your data, and discusses the conclusions you draw. Your grade will account for the clarity of writing and organization of your arguments, in addition to technical content. Lab report guidelines and a template are given in the following document:

Lab Report Guidelines and Template (PDF)