The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L) and recitation or lab (R) sessions.

I. Introduction to Marine Hydrodynamics
L1 Introduction
L2 Hydrostatics Assessment due
L3 Qualitative Flow Descriptions

Conservation Laws
R1 Lab Tour and Safety Briefing
L4 Bernoulli's Equation

Homework 1 due
L5 Potential Flow
R2 Lab 1: Added Mass
L6 Unsteady Bernoulli's Equation

D'Allembert's Paradox
Homework 2 due
L7 Added Mass

Strip Theory
Lab 1 due
R3 Recitation
L8 Added Mass (cont.) Homework 3 due
Exam 1
II. Free Surface Waves and Wave Forces on Offshore Structures and Vehicles
L9 Linear Free-Surface Gravity Waves
R4 Lab 2: Waves
L10 Waves (cont.) Homework 4 due
L11 Energy in Waves Lab 2 due
R5 Recitation Project proposals due
L12 Forces on Bodies Homework 5 due
L13 Wave Drag
R6 Recitation
L14 Forces on Bodies (cont.) Homework 6 due
L15 Forces on Bodies (cont.)
R7 Lab 3: Ship Resistance
III. Viscous Flows and Free Surface Flows
L16 Boundary Layers

Viscous Drag
Homework 7 due
L17 Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) Lab 3 due
L18 Review Homework 8 due
Exam 2
R8 Recitation
L19 Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) (cont.) Homework 9 due
L20 Propellers Homework 10 due
L21 Propellers (cont.)
R9 Recitation Project written reports due
L22 Fish Swimming Homework 11 due
L23 Project Presentations
L24 Review
Final Exam