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General Information about the MIT Ocean Engineering Teaching Laboratory (OETL) (PDF)

Part 1

In Labs 1-6, students construct and test a SeaPerch II Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

  • SeaPerch: The Sea Grant SeaPerch site contains general information on how to build the smaller unit with links to other helpful information.
  • SeaPerch II: SeaPerch II is a slightly more advanced design than the SeaPerch I. This is the one we will be designing in class; its instructions are modifications to the SeaPerch I.

Testing at the MIT Boat House (Charles River)

Part 2

Labs 7-14 are devoted to the final project, in which students design and build an ROV outfitted with the necessary instrumentation to map and investigate a simulated hydrothermal vent field in a pool. This project will give students a chance to collect data about the field from the sensors they build themselves. After the pool trials, students will venture to WHOI to "field test" our ROV.

Description of Final Project (PDF)

Final Project Test, near Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Video of Final Project Test (MOV - 34.4MB)