Study Materials

File decompression software, such as Winzip® or StuffIt®, is required to open the .zip files in this section. The .zip files contain additional files which require software as well. MATLAB® software is required to run the .m files. Mathcad® software is required to view and run the .mcd files. Microsoft® Excel software is recommended for viewing the .xls files. Free Microsoft® Excel viewer software can also be used to view the .xls files. OMAX® Software is required to run the .ord files. SolidWorks® software is required to run and view the .sldprt and .sldasm files.

Handouts Overview

It is not necessary to read all of the handouts included here. However, you will benefit from briefly scanning all of the handouts to get a feel for what is available. You can then come back at a later time and read in detail the handouts that apply directly to your design. If you have any ideas for information that would be useful to have access to during the design phase let one of the staff know. The goal of these handouts is to make your design work easier and better.

Basic Physics Handouts
Tips for Doing Engineering Calculations (PDF)

Another 2.007 PS4/PS5-style Sample Calculation (PDF)
General hints on engineering calculations and methods to verify the results.
Tips for Using Software Packages for Engineering Calculations (PDF) (MCD)

heatxfer.m (M)

heatxfer.xls (XLS)
The pro's, con's, and pit falls of using MathCAD®, Excel, and MATLAB® for your engineering calculations.

Also an example calculation done in each to show how to clearly present the calculation.
Balancing a Machine (PDF) Gives equations for calculating when a machine with an arm will tip over.
Designing Four Bar Linkages (PDF) Explains the steps required to design a four bar linkage.
Motor Power, Wheel, and Winch Calculations (PDF)

mtrpwr.m (M)

winch_boom.xls (XLS)

winch_cable.xls (XLS)
Describes the calculations needed to choose the optimum motor, wheel and winch sizes.

Includes sample MATLAB® scripts and spreadsheets to help with the calculations.
Piston Actuated Linkages Calculations (PDF)

SMC Double-Acting Air Cylinder (PDF)

piston.xls (XLS)
Describes considerations and calculation when working with piston actuated linkages.
Stiffness and Bending (PDF) (Courtesy of Roger Cortesi.  Used with permission.)

recinert.m (M)

cirinert.m (M)

cantbeam.m (M)

simpbeam.m (M)
Gives information on calculating the stiffness and deflection of arms and beams.
Vehicles Climbing an Incline Plane (PDF) Describes and explains the calculations needed for designing a vehicle to climb an incline plane.
Handouts Describing Kit Parts and How to Use Them
Batteries Info Handout (PDF) (Courtesy of Mitchell Weiss.  Used with permission.) More details on the Black and Decker batteries.
Bearing Material Properties Handout (PDF)

Kit Part: 1" and 2" dia. Delrin (PDF)

Kit Part: Buna-N Sheet (PDF)

Kit Part: Nyliner and Nylon Bushings (PDF)

Nyliner Bearing Designer's Guide (PDF - 1.2 MB)
Maximum Loading, Velocity, and PV Values for select kit materials.
Cookbook of Miscellaneous Mechanisms


Hubs and Connecting Rods (PDF)

Wheels (PDF)

Free Wheel Brackets (PDF)

Triggers (PDF)

Sliding Bearings and Surfaces (PDF)

Motor Mounts (PDF)

Pulley Drives (PDF)

Column Base (PDF)
The 2.007 Cookbook is a collection of notes on how to make miscellaneous components of your machine.

These notes have been written by various professors and TAs over the years.
Mechanism Gallery (PDF - 1.6 MB) Gallery of a variety of previous 2.007 mechanisms to demonstrate good and bad design techniques.
Manufacturing Handouts
Introduction to Engineering Drawings (PDF)
Process Plans (PDF) A guide to the format required for the process plans in 2.007.
Tap and Drill Size (PDF) Lists the clearance and tap hole sizes for all the fasteners used in 2.007.
Department's Milling Machine Handout (PDF) Mechanical Engineering Department's lecture notes for the milling machine.

Lathe Handout (PDF)

Lathe Lecture (PDF)

Information about using the Lathe.
Good Shop Practices for 2.007 (PDF - 2.3 MB) General information on proper use of some tools in 2.007.
Blank Isometric Paper (PDF) Print this out from either the html or the postscript and use it for your isometric drawings.
Machinery's Handbook (PDF) Some useful page numbers from the Machinery's Handbook.
Other Handouts
Control System Handout (PDF)

Kit Part: Circular 14 Pin Connector (PDF)

Control (ZIP - 2.0 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 25 .SLDPRT files, 3 .SLDASM file and 1 .SWJ file.)

Mini SSC II Serial Servo Controller, User's Manual (PDF)
Everything (hopefully) you'll ever want to know about the 2.007 control system.
Gear Theory (Boston Gear) (PDF) A package on how to do gear calculations.
Right Angle Gearbox Excercise


An explanation of bevel gear geometry and methods for determining stresses (PDF)

Spreadsheet to determine bevel gear strength
bevel_gears.xls (XLS)

Solidworks assembly of gearbox design (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 9 .SLDPRT files, 1 .SLDASM file, 1 .DXF file and 1 .ORD file.)

Milestone-like questions about bevel gears (PDF)


Omax file for cutting the aluminum gearbox
housing.ord (ORD)

Process Plans for building the right-angle gearbox (PDF)

Process Plans for building a shaft coupling (PDF)
Handout describing a lab experiment analyzing, designing, and building a right angle gear box.
General Actuator Information (PDF) (Courtesy of Keith Breinlinger and Roger Cortesi.  Used with permission.)

Advanced Actuator Information (PDF)
General information on the actuators used in 2.007.
Baby Got the Bends (PDF) Describes the process of making folded metal parts.

Takes you from the solid model, through the manufacturing, to final assembly.