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Course Related Fun Stuff

Top n Ways You Know You've Spent Too Much Time in 2.007 (PDF)

Download and rap to "Its Time to Design" (MP3 - 4.0 MB)

Web Development Resources

The Bare Bones Guide To HTML®

NCSA - A Beginner's Guide to HTML®

Publishing on the www - Tutorials on creating a web page

Download a free trial of Dreamweaver®

Remote Control Links

Novak Racing Electronics - Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Vendor

Futaba - Transmitter and Receiver Vendor

PC-to-R/C Interface - Our system is similar to this one

Happ Controls - Joystick vendor

Material Property Resources



Engineering Resources

Engineering Fundamentals

Engineer's Toolbox

Engineering Power Tools

Mechanical Design Engineering Resources on the WWW

FUTEK - Advanced Sensor Technology

PBS: Building Big (Labs)

Martindale's Reference Desk: Online Calculators


HowStuffWorks: Gears Online Calculator List

General List of Online Engineering Resources

Power Tools - Downloadable Calculators

Example of calculators from

Web site for company that is marketing a build your own robot kit

Kinematic Models for Design

This To That - How to Glue!


Quality Transmission Components - Power Transmission Components

McMaster-Carr Supply Company

MSC Industrial Supply Co.

Search Engines



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