File decompression software, such as Winzip® or StuffIt®, is required to open the .zip files in this section. RealOne™ Player software is required to run the .rm files in this section. OMAX® Software is required to run the .ord files. SolidWorks® software is required to run and view the .sldprt and .sldasm files.

Project Description

Tic tech toe.

Tic Tech Toe.

Contest Rules

Scoring total.

Scoring Total.

Parts and Equipment

System schematic.

System schematic.

Contest Video

The 2005 contest Tic Tech Toe contest was videotaped over two nights, May 12 and 13.

First Round (RM - 56K) (RM - 80K) (RM - 220K)

Finals (RM - 56K) (RM - 80K) (RM - 220K)

2003 Contest

This section showcases the 2003 project/contest, and contains an enormous amount of related information and resources.

  • Rules (PDF)
  • FAQ/Court Decisions (PDF)
  • Project Kit Database (PDF)
  • SolidWorks® Part Archive (ZIP - 7.6 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 106 .SLDPRT files, 9 .SLDASM files, 2 .ord files, 74 .jpeg files, 3 .dxf files, 1 .cgm file, 2 .prt.5 file, 2 .prt.2 file, 2 .asm.2 files, 48 .prt.1 files, 7 .asm.1 files, and 1 .drw.1 file.)
  • Pro/Engineer® configuration files (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 4 .frm.1 files, and 1 .pro file.)
  • Control System Information