2.004 Modeling Dynamics and Control II

Spring 2003

Conceptual diagram of a car's suspension.
Conceptual diagram of a car's suspension. (Courtesy of Prof. Triantaphyllos Akylas.)

Course Highlights

This course includes a generous selection of labs, pre-lab exercises, assignments and solutions where available.

Course Description

Second subject of two-term sequence on modeling, analysis and control of dynamic systems. Kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems including rigid bodies in plane motion. Linear and angular momentum principles. Impact and collision problems. Linearization about equilibrium. Free and forced vibrations. Sensors and actuators. Control of mechanical systems. Integral and derivative action, lead and lag compensators. Root-locus design methods. Frequency-domain design methods. Applications to case-studies of multi-domain systems.

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Prof. Triantaphyllos Akylas 
Prof. Peter So
Prof. George Haller

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session