1 Introduction to Course

Natural Response: First-order Systems
Assignment 1 out
2 Second-order Systems

Natural and Driven Response

Step Response Metrics
Lab 1: 1st-order Spring-damper System Assignment 1 due

Assignment 2 out
3 System Modeling Techniques for Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, and Fluid Domains Lab 2: Rotational 1st-order Inertia/Damper System Assignment 2 due

Assignment 3 out
4 Laplace Transform

System Response via Laplace Transform

Pulse, Impulse, and Ramp Response

Transfer Functions and Block Diagrams
Assignment 3 due

Assignment 4 out
5 Quiz 1

More on Laplace Techniques

Lorentz-type Motors

Modeling Voice Coil Drivers
Assignment 4 due

Assignment 5 out
6 Circuits, Amplifiers, and Operational Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers as Feedback Systems

Dynamics Affected by Feedback
Lab 3: Translational 2nd-order Spring/Mass/Damper System; Natural Response; Fitting Models Assignment 5 due

Assignment 6 out
7 More on Op Amps and Circuits Lab 4: Driven Response of Translational 2nd-order Spring/Mass/Damper System; Step Response Assignment 6 due
8 Quiz 2

Frequency Response

Bode Plots
Lab 5: 1st-order RC Circuits and 2nd-order LRC Circuit Assignment 7 out
9 Bode Plots, Vibrations, Complex Zeros Lab 6: Rotational 1st-Order Inertia/Damper System Driven through a Gear Train Assignment 7 due

Assignment 8 out
10 Control Systems, PID Control, Frequency Domain Viewpoint Assignment 8 due
11 Transducers and Transformers


System Interconnections
Assignment 9 out
12 Quiz 3

Control Design Examples
Assignment 9 due

Assignment 10 out
13 State-space Models

Assignment 10 due
14 Case Studies

Intro to More Advanced Subjects
15 Finals Week Final Exam