Applied Parallel Computing is an advanced interdisciplinary introduction to applied parallel computing on modern supercomputers. Numerical topics include dense and sparse linear algebra, N-body problems, multigrid, fast-multipole, wavelets and Fourier transforms. Geometrical topics include partitioning and mesh generation. Other topics include applications oriented architecture, software systems, MPI, Cilk, data parallel systems, Parallel MATLAB®, caches and vector processors with hands-on emphasis on understanding the realities and myths of what is possible on the world's fastest machines. One emphasis for this course will be VHLLs or very high level languages for parallel computing. Are we there yet?


Linear Algebra (18.06)

Assignments and Projects

There are 3 homework assignments. The first assignment is to pick a topic of interest for your final project. You will need to hand in 2 progress reports, and a final project report. Also, you are required to do two presentations on the project, one before Spring break when you hand in your first progress report, and one at the end of the semester. Also you need to keep a Web site on your project. All reports and the Web site will be made public and archived.


activities Percentages
Scribing (Commenting on Notes for One Lecture) 5%
Homework 45%
Project (Roughly Half Semester) 50%


Every week there will be an optional discussion session. This is great place to get research ideas/project ideas.