18.04 Complex Variables with Applications

Fall 2003

Two ways of looking at Re or Im{exp z}.
Two ways of looking at Re or Im{exp z}. (Image by Prof. Alar Toomre.)

Course Highlights

This course was enriched by frequent graphical handouts, and also by three rather challenging problem sets.  Current and past exams are also shown here.

Course Description

This course explored topics such as complex algebra and functions, analyticity, contour integration, Cauchy's theorem, singularities, Taylor and Laurent series, residues, evaluation of integrals, multivalued functions, potential theory in two dimensions, Fourier analysis and Laplace transforms.

*Some translations represent previous versions of courses.

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Prof. Alar Toomre

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
1 hour / session

One session / week
1 hour / session