The problem sheets are designed to be worked on by students in groups in recitation.

1 Natural Growth and Decay (PDF) (PDF)
2 Direction Fields, Integral Curves, Isoclines (PDF) (PDF)
3 Numerical Methods; Linear Models (PDF) (PDF)
4 First Order Linear ODEs: Models and Solutions (PDF) (PDF)
5 Complex Numbers, Complex Exponentials (PDF) (PDF)
6 Using the Complex Exponential; Autonomous Equations (PDF) (PDF)
7 Solutions to Second Order ODEs (PDF) (PDF)
8 Homogeneous Second Order Linear Equations (PDF) (PDF)
9 Second Order Linear Equations (PDF) (PDF)
10 Operators, Exponential Response, Exponential Shift, Undetermined Coefficients (PDF) (PDF)
11 Superposition, Frequency Response (PDF) (PDF)
12 Review
13 Fourier Series: Introduction (PDF) (PDF)
14 Fourier Series: Playing Around (PDF) (PDF)
15 Fourier Series: Harmonic Response (PDF) (PDF)
16 Step and Delta Functions, and Step and Delta Responses (PDF) (PDF)
17 Convolution (PDF) (PDF)
18 Laplace Transform (PDF) (PDF)
19 Hour Exam Review (PDF) (PDF)
20 Systems of First Order Equations (PDF) (PDF)
21 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors (PDF) (PDF)
22 Complex or Repeated Eigenvalues (PDF) (PDF)
23 Qualitative Analysis of Linear Systems (PDF) (PDF)
24 Matrix Exponentials and Inhomogeneous Equations (PDF) (PDF)
25 Qualitative Analysis of Nonlinear Systems (PDF) (PDF)
26 Review