Lecture Notes

Lecture notes have been included whenever possible.  Not all lectures are available.
Lecture 1: Course Introduction and the Study of Welding
Lecture 2: Joining
Lecture 3: Bond Strength (PDF)
Lecture 4: Thermal Diffusivity (PDF)
Lecture 5: Forge Welding (PDF)
Lecture 6: Cold Welding (PDF)
Lecture 7: Adhesive Bonding (PDF)
Lecture 8: Surface Preparation (PDF)
Lecture 9: Examples of Adhesive Types (PDF)
Lecture 10: Diffusion Bonding (PDF)
Lecture 11: Diffusion Bonding (PDF)
Lecture 12: Soldering (PDF)
Lecture 13: Flux (PDF)
Lecture 14: Brazing (PDF)
Lecture 15: More Power (PDF)
Lecture 16: Heat Intensity (PDF)
Lecture 17: Flames (PDF)
Lecture 18: Flame Cutting (PDF)
Lecture 19: Plasmas and Properties of Plasmas (PDF)
Lecture 20: Shielding Gases and Arc Ignition (PDF)
Lecture 21: Arc Redux and Heat Flow in Welding 101
Lecture 22: Plasma Arcs and Heatflow
Lecture 23: Lasers and Electron Beams
Lecture 24: Lasers and Electron Beams II