3.091 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

Fall 2004

3-D analysis of complex solid-state fuel cell geometries.
3-D analysis of complex solid-state fuel cell geometries. (Courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy.)

Course Highlights

This course features a complete set of lecture videos (two audio-only), as well as a large selection of readings, homework assignments, weekly quizzes, and exams.

Course Description

This course explores the basic principles of chemistry and their application to engineering systems. It deals with the relationship between electronic structure, chemical bonding, and atomic order. It also investigates the characterization of atomic arrangements in crystalline and amorphous solids: metals, ceramics, semiconductors, and polymers (including proteins). Topics covered include organic chemistry, solution chemistry, acid-base equilibria, electrochemistry, biochemistry, chemical kinetics, diffusion, and phase diagrams. Examples are drawn from industrial practice (including the environmental impact of chemical processes), from energy generation and storage, e.g., batteries and fuel cells, and from emerging technologies, e.g., photonic and biomedical devices.

Special Features

Technical Requirements

Java® plug-in software is required to run the Java® files found on this course site.

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