1 Introduction
Engineering Economics
2 Introduction, Time Value of Money, Single Payment Discounting
3 Value, Multi-payment Discounting, Non-uniform Cash Flows
4 Effective Interest Rates

Evaluating Alternatives, MARR, PW, AW, IRR
Homework EE1 due
5 Uncertainty
6 Comparing Alternatives
7 Dealing with Changing Prices
8 Combining Concepts Homework EE2 due
9 Presentations and Review EE project due
10 Exam 1 Homework EE3 due
Materials Selection
11 Concepts of Materials Indices, Software Introduction (Guest lecturer: Jeremy Gregory)
12 Material and Shape Selection (Guest lecturer: Jeremy Gregory)
13 Process Selection, In-class Examples (Guest lecturer: Jeremy Gregory) Homework MS1 due
14 Presentations and Review MS project due
Cost Modeling
15 Using Cost Models: Concepts and Principles
16 Tackling Variable Costs
17 Modeling Fixed Costs
18 Presentations and Review Homework CM1 due

CM project due
19 Exam 2
LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
20 Introduction: What is the Cost of Materials Usage?
21 An Overview of Life Cycle Assessment
22 Analysis Goal and Scope; Inventory Methods Homework LC1 due
23 Impact Assessment
24 Presentations and Wrap-up LCA project due