Course Requirements

Three essays are assigned, each counting for 25% of the final grade. We will also spend one class period talking about your work in progress and essay-writing in general. You will have the option to revise either of your first two essays. All written work must be your own, and must be scrupulous in citing any secondary sources used. Writing: 75% of final grade.

The number and format of presentations will necessarily vary depending on the size of the class. But I will expect something like this. Your presentations will be on the reading assigned for that particular day. Two days before the presentation, you'll post some reflections and questions to the class wiki page to give everyone else an idea of where you'll be going. Then in class, you'll have the chance to open and lead a discussion on some topic or part of the text that interests you. I would encourage developing essays out of the work done for these presentations. This class will largely be based on discussion, so your presence and preparation are crucial. Please note that your final grade will be lowered by three or more absences as well as by late work. Presentations and work in class: 25% of final grade.