1 Introduction: Augustus, Authorship, and Authority
2 Myths of Origin Reader response 1
3 Birth of a Nation: Gender and History
4 Repetition and Difference: The Patterns of History
5 Roman Institutions
6 Warfare Public and Private Reader response 2
7 The Functioning of Political Propaganda
8 The Waning Days of the Republic
9 The Tradition of Public and Political Oratory
10 Actium and its Aftermath
11 From Republic to Empire
12 Independent Research Project Presentations Oral reports
13 Strategies of Accommodation
14 Resignation and Withdrawal Research project write-up due
15 Repetition and Reversal
16 The Politics of Pastoral
17 The Golden Age of Rome
18 The Wayward Hero Reader response 3
19 Epics of Empire
20 Reconstituting the Nation Quiz
21 Organizing Desires: Fathers of the Fatherland First draft of final paper due
22 Love Casuistry: Rhetoric, Deceit, and Desire
23 Translations of Empire
24 Rhetoric and Regret
25 Art and Emotion
26 The Empire Reconsidered Final paper due