1 Introduction: Nature of Modern Medicine and Medical Practice
2 Nature of Medical Data: Where it is and Where it is Not
3 Genomics in Medicine: Centrality of Bioinformatics
4 Patient Identification HW1 Out

Other HW1 Resources
5 Countering Bioterrorism HW1 Due
6 Workflow, Decision Support and Data Gathering HW2 Out
7 Computing Support for the Enterprise
8 Diagnosis, Standards, Codification
9 Patient Data Confidentiality and Security
10 Decreasing Variability in Health Care HW2 Due
11 Computerized Physician Order Entry: Using Technology To Improve Patient Safety
12 Integration and Data Sharing or Medical Data for Quality Improvement
13 Telemedicine
No Classes HW3 Out
14 Genomic Medicine I: Population Genetics in the Post Genomic Era HW3 Addendum
15 Genomic Medicine II: Expression Arrays, Gene Clustering and Distance Metrics HW3 Due
16 Decision Analysis and Decision Support Sign up for Final Presentation
17 Getting to Causality in Functional Genomics Project Proposals Due
18 Advanced Expert Systems
19 Patient Monitoring
20 Genomic Medicine III: Introduction to Genomics
21 Genomic Medicine IV: Linking Genotypes and Phenotypes
22 Genomic Medicine V: Reverse Engineering
23 Student Presentations
24 Student Presentations
25 Student Presentations
26 Student Presentations