HST.035 Principle and Practice of Human Pathology

Spring 2003

Artistic rendition of a kidney glomerulus.
An artistic rendition of a normal kidney glomerulus. (Image courtesy of Professor Kamran Badizadegan.)

Course Highlights

In addition to a detailed bibliography of readings, this course features a number of downloadable lecture notes and comprehensive descriptions of the minicases and labs portion of the course. 

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive overview of human pathology with emphasis on mechanisms of disease and diagnostic medicine. Topics include:
  • Cellular Mechanisms of Disease
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Pathology of Major Organ Systems
  • Review of Diagnostic Tools from Traditional Surgical Pathology to Diagnostic Spectroscopy
  • Functional and Molecular Imaging
  • Molecular Diagnostics

In addition to lectures, one of the two weekly sessions includes a 2-3 hour laboratory component. Periodically, time will also be devoted to minicases.

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Prof. Kamran Badizadegan
Prof. Gary Tearney

Guest Lecturers:
Prof. Jon Aster
Prof. Frederick Bieber
Prof. Carlo Brugnara
Prof. Robert B. Colvin
Prof. Christopher Crum
Prof. Douglas Dockery
Prof. Mel Feany
Prof. Michael Feld
Prof. Jonathan Fletcher
Prof. Michael Gimbrone
Prof. Todd Golub
Prof. Frank B. Hu
Prof. Donald Ingber
Prof. Hart Lidov
Prof. David Louis
Prof. Richard Mitchell
Prof. Fiona Murray
Prof. Mark Redston
Prof. Helmut Rennke
Prof. Bruce Rosen
Prof. Frederick Schoen
Prof. Christine Seidman

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
3 hours / session