1. Two hour-long written tests are cumulative tests focusing on vocabulary, grammatical structures and the discussion of selected themes from the respective course unit. In each test students re-phrase and re-structure short texts using selected vocabulary from student-written vocabulary lists (see sample) and/or grammatical structures and write short essays using examples from readings, video, and guest lectures to clarify a point or build an argument.

  2. Ten-minute oral presentation of an area of particular personal interest and experience. Students prepare an outline for the presentation (see sample worksheets) and speak from their notes without reading. Evaluation is on the basis of clarity, structure, idiomatic use of language, delivery, interest-level of content.

  3. The final test is designed as a proficiency test that gives students an indication where they stand in terms of the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

    The test is divided into 3 main sections:

    a) reading and listening comprehension, writing;
    b) comprehending an academic lecture;
    c) conversing with a peer on selected topics.

    Each student receives his/her respective scores presented in a 14-point radar graph that displays the relative values and provides him/her a personal picture of relative strengths and weaknesses.