Lecture Notes

1 Culture and Globalization (PDF)

Lecture: Introduction to Culture and Globalization/Goals of the Course
2 A Pre-History of Globalization: Guns, Germs, and Steel (PDF)
3 Cultural Activism and Minority Claims (PDF)
4 Hip-Hop as Cultural Movement (PDF)
5 Hip-Hop in Japan (PDF)
6 Hip-Hop in Europe and the Islamic Connection
7 Lessons from Hip-Hop (PDF)
8 Coolhunters: Who's Got it? (PDF)
9 No Logo
10 "Music Wants to be Free": MP3, P2P-Anarchy or Activism?
11 Television Nations 
12 Transnational Media
13 Globalization as the End of Culture? 
14 Conclusions and the Future of Globalization (PDF)